• Royals face online backlash over mental health

  • William, Harry and Kate face online backlash over their mental health outpourings and are accused of ‘feeling sorry for themselves’.

    There has been a lot of criticism about the Royals promoting mental health and talking about their own difficulties. There have been comments online like ‘I am starting to feel very sorry for these over privilege royals, with their mental health issues. Try living in the real world, pathetic’

    Yes the royals are privileged for the life style they was born into, but can we criticise them for this, when they will have their own challenges to face, that we may not understand. Lots of people have suffered loss, but are Williams and Harrys loss any less difficult than what we have suffered. I think what the royals are doing is continuing to promote an awareness of Mental Health and this can only be a positive in the current climate.