My experience in supervision

With a diploma in supervision I currently provide supervision to counsellors working privately along with teachers and support staff in schools.

What can it offer you?

As a supervisee you may be working with those who are traumatized, depressed, existentially despairing or mentally ill, disturbed and fragmented families, the sick and the dying, angry criminals or the homeless and destitute the list is not exhaustive.

  • confidential consultative supervision
  • independent professional support
  • personal development
  • confidential mentoring

Exploring and sharing

  • concerns about work
  • quality of  life
  • professional challenges
  • personal working relationships
  • satisfying and dissatisfying ways of working

In a safe and sensitive environment, within an independently supportive relationship, can help you towards a better understanding of yourself and a clearer picture of the issues.

Independent professional support

The overall aim of supervision is to provide space and opportunity for you to explore your potential and discover ways of living and working in a more positive and resourceful way. Receiving professional support, independent line-management, which is separate from your work offers you the opportunity to look at issues and relationships which might not feel appropriate within the workplace.

What Next?

Finding a supervisor can raise lots of challenges. It is important you feel you can work with your supervisor, honesty is vital to the work in supervision. After reading my website if you would like to meet for a free consultation please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Come along and meet me for a free initial consultation.

Providing Supervision to Counsellors living in or near Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Paddock Wood, Kent