This Risk Assessment has been devised in order to ensure that the risk of infection is prevented between therapist and client, it is important that certain procedures are assessed, and measures put in place to reduce the infection risk.  It is important that I am transparent about the risk assessment process because you, as a client, have a part of play in the risk process. As a result, I trust you and your ability to be equally transparent.  I am acutely aware of my obligations regarding duty of care toward all clients, and in the current climate the interpretation of that duty becomes less obvious.  For example, whilst the therapist’s duty of care towards your mental health remains the same, my duty towards your physical health and safety has now changed.


Private Practise


Hand cleanliness
Hand Sanitizer will be used by Michelle and clients when entering and leaving the counselling room.


There will be hand sanitizer on the table in the room as well as outside the door


Michelle will use hand sanitizer before entering school and leaving and will use between each student Michelle is seeing.
Door Handles entering the lodge
Will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes between each client.


Michelle will wipe down the door handle to the counselling room with anti-bacterial wipes every time she leaves and returns to the room
The table between Michelle and client will have minimal contents on and will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes in between every client. Michelle will wipe down the table she uses with anti-bacterial wipes in between each student.


The school are responsible for cleaning the surfaces and room before and after Michelle’s working day from 9am-3pm.

Michelle has an antibacterial spray she will use on the chairs in between each client.
Michelle will change clothing every day Michelle Will change her clothes every day
Social Distancing
Chairs are placed 2 metres apart, Michelle and client to try where possible to stay 2 metres apart Michelle will try to remain 1 metre apart from students wherever possible
Family work
Family/Couples will not be 2 meters apart, Michelle will remain 2 meters apart from couple and family members where possible
Toilet facilities
Where possible client will refrain from using Michelle’s toilet in her home. If this is not possible Michelle will make sure the toilet is cleaned before and after client use and any door handles in the home are cleaned before and after client use.
If clients/children use any equipment in Michelle’s private practise, Michelle will either set aside this equipment to only be used by the same client or will wipe down equipment in between clients with an anti-bacterial wipe


Equipment (games, drawing etc) will be kept to a minimum

Michelle will either set aside equipment to only be used by the same client or will wipe down equipment in between clients with an antibacterial wipe

Equipment (games, drawing etc) will be kept to a minimum

Where possible to be made via BACS payment. If not possible, client will leave on the table, to maintain social distancing and Michelle will clean hands after handling cash. Via BACS or Cheque
Will be emailed by Michelle. Do not sign the contact as to avoid handling of paper. By Michelle sending the contract via email and client arriving for first session they are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract Contracts emailed
Arriving and leaving for session
Please wait in your car, until Michelle comes out to meet you, remaining 2 metres apart. This is to allow the client beforehand to leave and Michelle time to make sure all surfaces are clean and ready for the next client. Michelle will wear a face mask until both parties are seated Michelle to follow school procedure.
Session times
Individual times are 50 minutes. Family and Couples are 1 hour. Michelle will leave time in-between sessions to wipe down door handles and furniture. It is important clients do not arrive early to the counselling room, to enable Michelle to clean the room and leave at the agreed ending time, to make sure there is enough time for the room to be sufficiently cleaned. There needs to be sufficient time between students to allow Michelle to wipe down equipment and surfaces.
Covid related Symptoms
If clients have any Covid symptoms, feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who has Covid. It is the clients’ responsibility to cancel their session.


If a client is experiencing Covid symptoms or is unwell, within 2 weeks of their last session, please can they inform Michelle and she will inform all clients she has come into contact with, over the previous 2 weeks.


If Michelle experiences Covid symptoms, Michelle will self-isolate for 2 weeks and cancel all client sessions. Michelle will also inform all clients who she has come into contact with over the previous 2 weeks.

Michelle will inform school ASAP if she is unwell, has Covid symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has had Covid and she will isolate for 2 weeks.


School are responsible for being transparent about any children that have been unwell or been in contact with anyone that have or had Covid.

Although every steps will be taken to make the counselling environment Covid safe as detailed above. Clients enter the premises at their own risk. Michelle to follow all school procedures/policy/risk assessments outlined when working on school grounds.