“As a student studying for a diploma in counselling I am required to be in counselling myself and I have been seeing Michelle for well over a year now. I have found the whole experience of getting to know myself better an interesting and fulfilling process;

I have felt completely safe and comfortable with Michelle in her cosy room in the garden and have great respect for her warmth and wisdom. I always feel that our sessions are accepting, unthreatening and yet challenging and that we are working together on equal ground. I have got a huge amount from working with Michelle and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


“Michelle has been counselling children at St Stephen’s Primary School in Tonbridge for the last five years and has proved to be a real asset to the school. She has worked with children experiencing emotional difficulties offering them support and strategies to manage their feelings and so cope with the challenges that life can throw at them. Michelle is also very willing to involve parents and will often have an initial telephone conversation to discuss the child’s issues further or meet face to face with them if necessary. We have found Michelle to be reliable, conscientious and proficient. She is constantly striving to improve her practise and prides herself on offering a professional service.” 


“I have been seeing Michelle for a while. Over the months she has provided me with something that isn’t always found outside of the counselling room, consistency.

It’s easy to say you can talk to friends and family about your problems, but truthfully it’s not the same. I have found it enormously therapeutic to “just be” with someone who doesn’t try to give me advice, doesn’t claim to know just how I feel.

Michelle has been a lovely solid presence in my life and on occasions has just pushed the right button sufficiently for me to really think about what it is in my life that causes me problems. And to look at ways of overcoming them.

We did some art therapy together recently (which previously I might have thought just weird and plain daft) but that really caused me to reflect and consider that I may be giving off mixed messages to the most important people in my life, my husband and children. For the first time, I really saw how others might be viewing things and I decided to make some changes. I will always be thankful to Michelle for helping me with this.

I guess there are counsellors out there that are knowledgeable and there are others who are really lovely people that you just get on with, Michelle is special because she is both”


“I feel very lucky to have found Michelle and her counselling services. She has been a fantastic source of support, a great listener and enabled me to better understand my thoughts and feelings. She made me feel instantly relaxed in her presence and I would always leave the sessions feeling so much better than when I arrived.

I would highly recommend Michelle to others and am so grateful for all the help, and the new perspective, she has given me”

“You have helped me so much. I was able to share anything with you. Today I have the freedom because of you. I was able to share my feelings. Thank you so much Michelle for always being there and listening to me” – student

“I would like to thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few months, through our (more Charlie) difficult and emotional time. Thank you again you have been fantastic”