To discuss work place counselling please get in touch, there are no obligations. We can talk or meet to tell you how we can help you and your employees

We work with companies to provide work place counselling to reduce sickness and increase productivity. This can take place in our private location or we can provide a service at the place of work.


A 2010 systematic study by McLeod of the research evidence, showed that workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%. This fact alone demonstrates the cost-effective nature of counselling, and the positive impact it can have on an organisation’s productivity.

We can offer counselling and support online, via telephone, at the work place or in a private location.

We are here to help and work with you to provide the best service we can.


Testimonial from a recent employee – 

The main reason for this email is to thank you so much for your help along the road to recovery. I can’t explain what you did or how you did it but you were the most important ingredient in the recipe. I do feel back to my old self, albeit more apprehensive about falling back into the trap. I look forward to the future now, my priorities have certainly been realigned back to a more reasonable reality and I see clearer now. This would not have been possible without your help.

So thanks once again for everything you’re a real star.